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Non-Heavy Metal Heat Stabilization and Co-Stabilizers with ALCAMIZER

ALCAMIZER - Pioneering Next-Generation Non-Heavy Metal Heat Stabilization Solutions

At Kisuma, we stand as pioneers in revolutionizing industry practices with our cutting-edge ALCAMIZER products, unlocking the potential for non-heavy metal heat stabilization systems. These innovative solutions have paved the way for lead-free and tin replacement systems, offering a sustainable path forward. As the largest global producer of hydrotalcites, we have established three state-of-the-art production facilities, ensuring unmatched quality and reliability. Each product that emerges from our fully automated manufacturing facility embodies the pinnacle of excellence.

Years of unwavering collaborations with industry trailblazers have culminated in our esteemed ALCAMIZER product portfolio. We confidently assert that, within this collection, we possess the ideal solution tailored to your unique requirements.

Controlled Composition and Rigorous Quality Control with Alcamizer

The exceptional performance characteristics of ALCAMIZER are intricately tied to its chemical composition. Therefore, meticulous control over the content of magnesium (Mg), aluminum (Al), and zinc (Zn), alongside precise crystallization and the elimination of residual impurities, holds paramount importance in upholding unwavering quality standards. Employing automated production methods, we subject ALCAMIZER to rigorous oversight through our comprehensive quality control system. This diligent approach ensures that your products consistently exhibit elevated heat stability and remarkable transparency. Furthermore, our commitment to ensuring an uninterrupted supply is evident as we maintain ample ALCAMIZER stock, assuring our global clientele of seamless continuity and unwavering reliability.

Innovative PVC/CPVC Stabilization Mechanism

ALCAMIZER exerts its remarkable stabilizing prowess within PVC/CPVC by adeptly scavenging chloride ions that emerge during the polymer’s thermal degradation process. The brilliance of ALCAMIZER lies in its ability to exchange the carbonate within its crystalline structure for these released chloride ions. By doing so, it establishes a robust bond that renders the chloride ions chemically inert, effectively halting any potential escalation of PVC/CPVC degradation. Earning accolades for their unparalleled efficacy, ALCAMIZER products stand as exemplars within their category, embodying the pinnacle of performance and reliability.

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Many years of fruitful collaborations with Industry leaders has resulted in our current portfolio of ALCAMIZER™ products.  We are sure that we have a solution for your specific needs.

Advantages of ALCAMIZER

Benefits of Alcamizer

Non-toxic alternative that enables non-heavy metal heat stabilization system

Alcamizer Benefits

Effective co-stabilizer to improve heat stability

Prevents the acceleration of PVC degradation

Meets all Critical Criteria



Suitable as a co-stabilizer or for a partial replacement of Calcium Zinc, Calcium Organic, and Tin stabilizing systems for PVC/CPVC


Promotes excellent thermal stability and color hold for PVC applications


Complies with all standard requirements for safety and handling


Outstanding properties for transparency because its refractive index is similar to that of PVC


Superior characteristics for dispersion, weatherability and compounding with high dosage levels


Suitable for all types of PVC/CPVC resin including suspension, emulsion, co-polymers and mixed polymers

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Alcamizer 1 Application

The industry standard, used widely in all types of stabilizer formulations to improve the heat stability of PVC.


Alcamizer Applications

Improved heat stability.


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Improved early coloring and weatherability.


Suitable for higher processing temperatures (e.g. PVC/CPVC).


Special grade for window profile applications.


Alcamizer Applications

Special grade with perchlorate incorporated in the hydrotalcite structure for PVC in contact with polyurethane.

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