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Automotive Applications

Innovative and Elevated Performance Chemical Additives for the Automotive Industry

Navigating Automotive Industry Evolution:
Kisuma's Leading Role in Innovation

In an era of rapid transformation, the automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented changes, from the surge in electrification and lightweighting to the demand for higher recycled plastics content and intricate electronic systems. At the vanguard of innovation stands Kisuma, spearheading revolutionary advancements. With a profound understanding of these challenges, Kisuma possesses the expertise and tools needed to guide the automotive sector through these transformative journeys and beyond.

Key Features

500B liters of fuel saved annually: Kisuma materials cut 1M tonnes CO2 emissions

A typical mid-sized vehicle contains over 2 kilometers shielded by Kisuma -infused polymers

Enhancing Safety: Lightweight polymer compounds absorb 4-5x more impact energy

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Looking to enhance your automotive compounds and products with cutting-edge functional additives? Our range of specialized solutions is designed to elevate performance in the rapidly evolving automotive sector. From lightweighting and electrification to advanced materials, we've got you covered. Request a quote today to explore how Kisuma's additives can drive your automotive innovations forward.

Advancements in Material Innovation for Industry Excellence

Kisuma’s initiative to offer OEM producers tools for selecting and formulating material alternatives holds substantial importance in the manufacturing industry. This move addresses the growing demand for more sustainable and cost-effective solutions. By empowering OEM producers with these tools, Kisuma enables them to make informed decisions that align with environmental concerns, regulatory compliance, and economic viability. This approach can potentially lead to reduced production costs, improved energy efficiency, and a smaller carbon footprint, contributing to a more environmentally conscious and economically efficient manufacturing landscape.

Kisuma plays a pivotal role in enhancing the thermal stability of plastics to meet the demands of high-heat applications. By incorporating advanced additives and compounds into these very demanding formulations, Kisuma effectively increases the material’s flame retardancy and resistance to extreme temperatures. This ensures that the plastics can maintain their structural integrity, dimensional stability, and performance even in challenging environments with elevated heat levels. This contribution from Kisuma widens the range of industries and applications where plastics can be utilized, such as automotive components, electronics, aerospace, and industrial equipment, fostering innovation and efficiency in various sectors.

Kisuma’s commitment to producing high-purity materials results in exceptional electrical resistivity performance. Through meticulous manufacturing processes and quality control, Kisuma ensures that its materials possess minimal impurities that could hinder electrical conductivity. The high-purity nature of these materials allows for efficient electron flow and reduced interference, resulting in the best possible electrical resistivity in the most extreme performance conditions (i.e. under the hood). This characteristic makes Kisuma’s materials highly desirable for applications where precise and consistent electrical performance is crucial, such as in the electronics, semiconductor, wet electric/marine cables and telecommunications industries, where reliable conductivity is paramount for optimal device functionality.

Revolutionizing Automotive Plastics with High-Performance Additive Solutions

Kisuma is revolutionizing the automotive industry by providing cutting-edge plastic additive solutions that exceed expectations. Our advanced additives are specifically engineered to enhance the stability of formulations commonly found in engineered plastics and polyolefin materials. These additives not only minimize issues like corrosion and swelling but also offer reduced water-carryover and improved chemical resistance, ensuring superior performance for end users. From the engine compartment to the road, Kisuma’s stabilizing additives are meticulously designed to excel in high-temperature applications, setting new standards for automotive materials innovation.

Automotive Product Applications

Thermoplastic Compounds

Kisuma is a critical supplier to automotive compounders, especially in the production of injection molded parts with halogenated or organophosphorus flame retardants. Our DHT™-4 products stabilize formulations for nylon and polyolefin materials, preventing equipment corrosion and reducing toxic smoke release, thus enhancing production safety and efficiency.

Rubber Compounds

DHT™-4 significantly bolsters the thermal and chemical resilience of synthetic rubber components like fuel hose inner liners and seals. Remarkably, these additives avoid swelling upon moisture exposure, as they don't contribute to water-carryover, ensuring consistent performance.

Wire & Cables

Kisuma provides targeted stabilizing additives tailored for the most challenging applications, such as high-temperature wires and cables often situated beneath vehicle hoods. Vital products for automotive cables encompass the ALCAMIZER™, Kisuma™-5 and DHT™-4 lines for flame retardant stabilization, alongside the metal-deactivating KW2200.

Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers (C.A.S.E)

Within the DHT™-4 range, products serve as stabilizers for both raw materials and finished goods. In paint coatings, these additives offer a multitude of advantages including anti-corrosion properties, extended shelf life, enhanced weather resistance, and reduction of stains and blooming effects.

Suitable Products

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Looking to enhance your automotive product line with cutting-edge chemical additives? Our range of specialized solutions is designed to elevate performance in the rapidly evolving automotive market. Request a quote today to explore how Kisuma's additives can drive your automotive innovations forward.