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Kyowamag™ & Pyrokisuma™

Advanced Magnesium Oxide Solutions with Kyowamag

Elevating Industrial Processes with Superior Magnesium Oxide Performance with Kyowamag & Pyrokisuma

Discover the superior performance of Kyowamag, our premium general-grade lightly calcined magnesium oxide that sets the standard in various industrial applications. With distinct grades influencing reactions, Kyowamag proves to be an indispensable component in the vulcanizing agent of synthetic rubber, enhancing the strength and durability of rubber formulations. As a versatile acid acceptor, it plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal pH levels in diverse industrial processes.

Additionally, Kyowamag finds its application in the formulation of adhesives, contributing to the creation of robust and reliable bonding solutions. Elevate your industrial processes with the exceptional qualities of Kyowamag, where each grade brings a unique advantage to meet your specific application needs.

Tailor Made Solutions to Fit Your Needs

With different grades available, the reaction varies based on the degree of grade, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific application needs. Kyowamag 30, for instance, is well-suited for applications as an acid acceptor and in adhesive formulations, while Kyowamag 150 excels in enhancing vulcanization, anti-scorching, and acid neutralization in synthetic rubbers. Elevate your industrial processes with Kyowamag, a trusted solution for optimizing performance and functionality.

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Many years of fruitful collaborations with Industry leaders has resulted in our current portfolio of KISUMA™ 5 products.  We are sure that we have a solution for your specific needs.

Advantages of Kyowamag / Pyrokisuma

Benefits of Kyowamag

Kyowamag maintains optimal pH levels in various industrial processes

Benefits of Pyrokisuma

Pyrokisuma offers low reactivity - superior thermal conductivity

Kyowamag™/Pyrokisuma™ ​benefits

Kyowamag/Pyrokisuma enhances strength and durability of rubber formulations

Meets all Critical Criteria


A essential component in the vulcanizing agent of synthetic rubber, enhanding the strength and durability of rubber formulations


Plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal pH levels in various industrial processes, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Premier Formulation

contributes to the formulation of adhesives, imparting robustness and reliability to bonding solutions in diverse industrial applications.

Tailored for Use

With different grades influencing reactions, Kyowamag™ offers a range of options, allowing you to choose the grade that best suits your specific application requirements.

Superior Performance

a general-grade lightly calcined magnesium oxide, setting the standard for superior performance in industrial applications.


Demonstrates excellent thermal conductivity properties, making it a valuable addition in applications where efficient heat transfer is essential.

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Kyowamag™ 30/150

Kyowamag™ mF30/mF150

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Pyrokisuma™ 5301/3320

The powerful engine of the modern car,

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