Construction & Industrial Applications

Innovative and Elevated Performance Chemical Additives for the Construction and Industrial Markets

Navigating the Industrial Evolution:
Pioneering Sustainable Building Materials with Kisuma

Amid the move and advancements towards sustainable construction, the call for regulatory compliance and health-focused materials is on the rise. Kisuma provides specialized solutions to address these changing requirements, nurturing the development of materials that are not only safer and more robust, but also environmentally friendly.

Hydrotalcite for PVC and CPVC

Key Features

Polymeric insulated materials achieve over 150x higher energy savings than their production

Thermal insulated PVC window profiles recoup investment in 8 years, surpassing wood (9 years) and aluminum (14 years)

Polymeric insulation cuts heating costs 80% = 2000 m3 gas & 4 tonnes CO2 saved annually in a Single-Family Home

Significantly few main water breaks, 30-80% less than alternatives

Safer Non-Toxic Heat Stabilization Solutions

Kisuma leads the shift away from heavy-metal heat stabilization systems, with optimized non-halogenated scavenging hydrotalcites for lead-free solutions. Our non-toxic alternatives, including effective acid scavengers, extend PVC durability in construction. We also drive the move from liquid to powder-based stabilizer systems, reducing VOCs and odors. Kisuma additives are essential in all powder-based one-pack stabilizers and direct co-stabilization in compounds, shaping safer, eco-friendly practices across the industry.

Advancements in Material Innovation for Industry Excellence

Kisuma provides a comprehensive range of solutions that directly address the challenges of material demand that prioritize public health and wellbeing. By leveraging our expertise, we enable the creation of materials that not only enhance safety, durability, and environmental impact, but also align with the broader goals of sustainability. 

By incorporating our advanced additives and solutions into various materials, we significantly improve their resistance to wear, corrosion, and degradation over time. This extended durability translates to longer-lasting products that require less frequent maintenance. As a result, industries benefit from reduced downtime, lower maintenance expenses, and enhanced overall operational efficiency. 

Our solutions undergo rigorous testing and assessment processes to ensure they meet or exceed industry-specific safety standards. By combining our deep chemical expertise with meticulous quality control measures, we guarantee that our sustainable alternatives are not only environmentally friendly but also safe for use. Through this meticulous approach, Kisuma provides solutions that offer both sustainability and uncompromising safety, offering industries peace of mind while embracing more eco-friendly practices.

Industrial and Building Product Applications

Insulated Panels

Insulated panels often employ polystyrene foams like expanded polystyrene (EPS). Our DHT™-4 range is the perfect stabilizer additive for halogenated flame retardants, including brominated polymeric options.

Wall Coverings & Flooring

Alcamizer 1 Application

To ensure thermal stability in wall coverings, a PVC Calcium Zinc stabilizer is applied, often containing ALCAMIZER™ 1 or ALCAMIZER™ P93. ALCAMIZER™ 1 also plays a crucial role in Calcium Zinc stabilizer systems for PVC in luxury vinyl floor tiles.

Suitable Products

Wood Plastic Composites

Our products safeguard essential additives such as antioxidants, HALS and UV agents when combining wood fiber with thermoplastics like PE or PP. This protection counters the detrimental effects of carboxylic acid and other acidic compounds in wood fiber/wood flour, ultimately boosting weather resistance and durability.

Wire & Cable

Kisuma provides potent stabilizing additives, catering to demanding applications. Essential products like ALCAMIZER™, DHT™-4, and the KISUMA™ 5 flame retardants are pivotal for cables in construction and industry sectors. 

Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Elastomers (C.A.S.E.)

Kisuma's DHT™-4 range of products offer anti-corrosion properties, extended shelf life, enhanced weather resistance, and reduced staining and blooming in coating applications.

Pipes & Fittings

Kisuma's DHT™-4 range safeguards PE and PP pipes from water purification chemical-induced degradation. Our ALCAMIZER™ products ensure stable PVC and CPVC pipe performance.

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