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Magnesium Oxide

Enhanced Performance & Sustainability Solutions

Kisuma's Advanced Magnesium Oxide: Leading Excellence in Industrial Applications

Unlock the potential of Kisuma's Magnesium Oxide, tailored for high-performance industrial applications. Our specialized magnesium oxide stands as a premier acid acceptor, exhibiting exceptional qualities of high surface area, purity, and activity. Additionally, renowned for its thermal conductivity, it also serves as an ideal filler in various applications in electronic components, including the growing Electric Vehicle (EV) technologies, charging stations, mobile devices and more. This high-purity magnesium oxide finds its niche as a key component in solutions for fluoroelastomer and polychloroprene compound formulations, enhancing their structural integrity and performance.

Moreover, our product excels as a vulcanizing agent in halogenated rubber, contributing to the production of superior synthetic rubber with enhanced strength and durability.

Elevate your industrial processes with Kisuma, a catalyst for innovation and excellence in diverse applications. Whether you're in the electronic, automotive, or rubber industries, we are ready to enhance your materials and processes, delivering superior results across the board.

Key Benefits

Precise acid neutralization

Vulcanization agent in synthetic rubber

Benefits of Kisuma 5

Optimal dispersibility

Magnesium Oxide Applications

Magnesium Oxide Applications
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