Setogem™ RD - Simplify. Enhance. Excel.

Setogem™ RD is a superior, novel nucleator and acid scavenger technology designed for polyolefin applications. This innovative solution allows polyolefin producers to reduce the complexity of their additive formulations while offering superior performance and a reduced specific migration limit (SML) solution for the industry. Setogem™ RD’s dual functionality enhances product performance and simplifies the additive package.

Technical Excellence: Advanced Properties for Superior Performance

Setogem™ RD’s technical superiority is demonstrated through its advanced properties, which ensure enhanced performance across various applications. This section provides detailed insights into the key technical aspects of Setogem™ RD, represented through charts that highlight its crystallization temperature, mechanical properties, total anisotropy, acid scavenging abilities, and corrosion resistance. These attributes collectively contribute to faster processing times, superior part quality, and optimal performance in demanding industrial applications.

Versatile Solutions for Diverse Industries

Setogem™ RD is engineered to meet the demanding needs of a wide range of industries, showcasing its versatility and superior performance. Whether enhancing the durability of paint pails, providing robust plastic pallets for heavy-duty use, or ensuring dimensional stability in automotive bumpers, Setogem™ RD excels. It improves appliance performance, offers longevity for plastic housewares, and delivers weather resistance for garden furniture. Ideal for bottle and jar caps, it ensures secure seals and durability, while in packaging, especially thin-wall injection molding (TWIM) applications, Setogem™ RD offers strength and reduced material usage. Setogem™ RD is the ultimate solution for manufacturers seeking high-quality, reliable, and efficient performance across diverse applications.

Why Choose Setogem™ RD for Your Polyolefin Needs?

Setogem™ RD is the optimal choice for polyolefin producers looking to enhance their product offerings with a dual-functional additive that simplifies processes and improves product quality across a wide range of applications.

Advantages of SETOGEM™ RD

Mechanical Properties

Setogem offers an ideal stiffness/impact balance, allowing for downgauging and superior final part properties.

Crystallization Temperature

Setogem™ RD exhibits a high crystallization temperature, allowing for faster processing and shorter cycle times.

Acid Scavenging Properties

The nucleation ability of Setogem™ RD does not affect its acid scavenging capability. It delivers equal performance compared to Kisuma’s DHT™-4V.

Corrosion Testing

Setogem™ RD provides comparable anti-corrosive protection properties to DHT™-4V, enabling fine-tuning of additive formulations while maintaining superior performance.

Test conditions 

  • Melting at 300ºC for 40 minutes.
  •  Exposure for 10 days at 90ºC and 100% relative humidity.