Inorganic Flame Retardant Solutions of Kisuma 5

Flame Retardant Mechanism of KISUMA 5:
A Three-Step Approach to Enhanced Safety

At temperatures exceeding 340°C, KISUMA 5 products undergo an endothermic decomposition, giving rise to the synthesis of magnesium oxide (MgO) and water (H2O). This transformation sets the stage for KISUMA 5 to deliver flame retardancy through a comprehensive three-step mechanism: 1. Initiated by the water release, a cooling effect ensues, simultaneously curtailing the pyrolysis of the polymer. 2. The liberated water effectively alters the fuel/oxygen ratio, contributing to an enhanced fire suppression effect. 3. Crucially, the resulting MgO acts as a safeguarding layer, lending a smoke suppressant quality to the process. Throughout this intricate process, KISUMA™ 5 exhibits its unwavering commitment to safety. It neither generates poisonous substances nor yields corrosive gases, further solidifying its position as a reliable choice for flame retardancy.

Green Fueled Performance Elevated by KISUMA 5: A Breakthrough Flame Retardant Solution

KISUMA 5 stands as an exceptional flame retardant and smoke suppressant, setting itself apart by its avoidance of toxic fumes and corrosive gas emissions. Its exceptional processability is a direct result of a meticulous surface treatment, while its finely tuned and uniform particle size brings forth a multitude of advantages.

Enabling high concentrations within polymers, KISUMA 5 significantly enhances the Melt Flow Index (MFI) and flexural modulus of polypropylene. This remarkable capability is complemented by its capacity to elevate arc and tracking resistance in polymers, amplifying their overall performance. In addition, KISUMA 5 serves as an efficient heat stabilizer for resins containing halogens, further exemplifying its multifaceted utility.

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Many years of fruitful collaborations with Industry leaders has resulted in our current portfolio of KISUMA 5 products.  We are sure that we have a solution for your specific needs.

KISUMA 5 Key Benefits

Kisuma 5 Benefits

Does not generate toxic fumes or corrosive gas

Benefits of Kisuma 5

Improves the arc and tracking resistance of polymers

flame retardant

Preferred across industries as a safer high-performing material

Meets all Critical Criteria


Excellent processability resulting from a special surface treatment and its extremely fine and consistent particle size.


Can be compounded to high concentrations in polymers.


Removes free halogen ions from the decomposition of halogenated flame retardants.


Improves the MFI and flexural modules of polypropylene.


Has synergistic effects with red phosphorus and carbon black.


Also effective as a heat stabilizer for resins containing haolgen.

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