From Sake Barrels to Global Excellence

Our Story:  The Incredible Transformation of a Chemical Additive Manufacturer to Hydrotalcite Innovators

A Journey from Modest Origins to Mastery in Chemistry

Our History

Providing Custom Business Solutions since 1952

In 1947, Matsushima Ryohei founded a factory in Takamatsu, Japan with a few employees. Matsushima Yoshio later started Kyowa (later to be known as Kisuma), which created a pilot plant producing Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Hydroxide. Kyowa repurposed sake barrels as storage tanks and officially became Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. on September 17, 1952.

Kisuma: The Unsung Hero Behind the Success of Multiple Industries

Kisuma empowers industries from window profiles to 5G networking with durable, high-quality ingredients that minimize environmental impact and ensure reliability.

Revolutionize Industrial Production with Kisuma's Expertise & Sustainability Solutions

Kisuma enables industrial producers with unmatched chemical expertise to create better solutions. We deliver innovation, quality, and consistency to make a lasting difference for our customers, end-users, and the planet.

Global presence

Kisuma has 10 global locations to serve customers efficiently with the right product at the right price.

Advancing progress

We produce compounds for key industries, including API, and offer environmentally friendly solutions for agriculture and de-carbonisation. Our speciality solutions positively impact your daily life.


Kyowa: First to Industrially Synthesize Hydrotalcites

1000+ employees

Based in our Global Offices


Workforce dedicated to research & development

Worldwide reach

10 Global Locations to Serve You

meet the americas team

Powered by our people

Kisuma Americas, Inc., a Texas-based subsidiary of SETOLAS Holdings, Japan, is unwavering in its dedication to innovation, quality, and best practices. Above all, we are driven to enhance the lives of our customers and the communities where we operate.

Monica Villarreal
Director of Operations

Director of Human Resources

Lupita Arellano
Global Product Line Manager,

Vinyl Chloride Hydrotalcites

John Scott
Technology and Innovation Lead
Sam Liao
Group Product Lead,

Magnesium Specialties

Nitin Apte
process & Engineering Technology Lead,


zachary Hoffman
Business Development Lead, EMEA
Brent Thomason
Engineering Project Manager,

Setolas USA

Esmeralda Hippolito
Business Specialist,


Elda Herrera
Operations Specialist
Grecia Moreno
Senior Logistics Specialist
Carolina Valle
Logistics Specialist
Marlus Ferretti
Chief Operating Officer, Americas

Global Business+Operations Mgmt. Team

Koji Kinoshita
Chief Executive Officer,

Setolas Holdings