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Medical Applications

Empowering Healthcare with Safe and Dependable Plastic Solutions

Innovative Plastic Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

From medical tubes and syringes to blood bags and disposables, the healthcare industry relies significantly on secure and trustworthy plastic solutions. Drawing from Kisuma’s experience as producers of pharmaceutical materials, including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), we possess an intimate understanding of the industry’s demands. This understanding has led us to create products that are exceptionally tailored to enable the medical sector to adhere to strict regulatory standards.

Medical applications

Key Features

Reduced Migration: DHT™-4 Cuts Acid Scavenger Migration by 50% in Medical Parts

Total Control: 0% Interference in Retort and Gamma Irradiation Applications

No Interruptions: 0% Interference in Lab Testing, including UV Spectroscopy

Advancements in Material Innovation for Industry Excellence

Our specialized additives and solutions are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the medical industry, enhancing the reliability and quality of these essential products. Through our expertise and commitment to excellence, we enable manufacturers to create medical devices that adhere to the highest standards of safety and security.

Kisuma specialists provide solutions that enable plastic producers to meet even the most rigorous migration requirements, ensuring compliance and safety in various applications.

Yes, Kisuma specialized additives are designed to be fully compatible and compliant with various medical laboratory testing procedures and strict regulatory requirements, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Enhancing Medical Plastics with Unrivaled Expertise and Trust

Kisuma Medical Applications

When it comes to plastics used in healthcare environments, dependability, consistency, regulatory compliance and safety are paramount. Kisuma’s additives have earned trust within these applications due to our exceptional expertise, unwavering quality, and consistent performance. The introduction of DHT™-4 stabilizers into plastics is an optimal strategy to enhance both functionality and performance. With the non-migratory attributes of DHT™-4, customers can rest assured that potential impacts on medications and testing protocols are minimized, ensuring full compliance with regulatory standards such as the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR).

Medical Applications

IV & Blood Bags

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Given the forthcoming legislative shifts impacting plastic blood bag formulations, the inclusion of ALCAMIZER™ 1 becomes imperative in PVC stabilizer formulations.

Medical Tubes

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Anticipating a transformation in the composition of plastic medical tubes, a transition to calcium zinc-based stabilizer systems is on the horizon. As a result, ALCAMIZER™ 1 stands as a vital addition to PVC stabilizer packages.

Suitable Products

Medical PP & PE

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Kisuma's DHT™-4 product family's non-migratory attributes render it a prime additive for diverse medical applications involving PP and PE plastics.

Suitable Products

Syringes & Pipettes

Hospitals and laboratories heavily rely on syringes and pipettes. The significance of these small yet vital components cannot be overstated. Kisuma's additives play a pivotal role in delivering crucial performance improvements to ensure their quality and functionality.

Suitable Products

Plungers & Trays

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Stabilizers are a key additive in plastic used for producing medical plungers and trays. Kisuma offers the complete range of essential stabilizers for this purpose.

Suitable Products

Blister Packaging

Hospitals and medical centers depend on a wide range of disposable items, including blister packaging. Kisuma's stabilizers are integral components in the plastics used for manufacturing and packaging these essential products.

Suitable Products

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