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The Quintessential Solution for Acid Scavenging – DHT 4

DHT-4: Unmatched Acid Scavenging and Optical Enhancement

DHT-4 stands as the quintessential solution for acid scavenging within polymer production and processing realms. Its remarkable potency permits employment at minimal dosage levels, guaranteeing that the inherent physical and optical attributes of the polymer remain untainted. Distinguished by its exceptional dispersion and material characteristics, DHT-4 substantially reduces the likelihood of gels, specks, and imperfections, thus elevating optical properties to unparalleled levels of excellence. This transformation materializes through enhanced haze, gloss, and transparency attributes. Backed by an illustrious track record spanning decades, DHT-4 not only assures superior quality but also affords customers the tranquility of unwavering reliability.

Perfect for Medical Applications

The advanced acid-capturing mechanism embedded in DHT-4 operates without generating any adverse by-products. Unlike conventional acid scavengers, DHT-4 stands apart by negating any contributions to migration or water-carry-over effects. This unique trait renders DHT-4 exceptionally well-suited for incorporation into materials that form bonds with other surfaces, including metallized films. Beyond this, DHT-4’s characteristic paves the way for the development of cleaner polymers tailored for critical medical applications.  Furthermore, DHT-4 products seamlessly integrate into low water-carry-over additive formulations, making them an optimal choice for scenarios like polyolefin raffia applications and rubber compounds where sensitivity to swelling is a concern.


The intrinsic performance attributes of hydrotalcites are intricately woven into their chemical composition, underscoring the utmost significance of meticulous process control over material conditions. In this pursuit, precision becomes paramount, ensuring an unwavering commitment to consistently elevated quality. Our DHT-4 products bear testament to this commitment, as they emerge from meticulously monitored automated processes guided by our vigilant quality control system. This vigilant approach guarantees that your products preserve superior performance and exceptional features, reinforcing the promise of excellence we stand by.

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Many years of fruitful collaborations with Industry leaders has resulted in our current portfolio of DHT-4 products.  We are sure that we have a solution for your specific needs.

Advantages of DHT-4 Products

DHT 4 Benefits

Low water carryover in raffia production

Benefits of DHT 4

Superior dispersion and optical properties in film

DHT-4 Benefits

Consistent and reliable quality for over 50 years

Meets all Critical Criteria


Acid acceptor in halogenated rubbers such as CR, CSM, FKM and NBR, where high water resistance or chemical resistance is required.


Capturing residual acids in maleic anhydride grafted polymers, improving organoleptic properties and corrosion problems.


Scavenging of free halogen ions deriving from radicals in halogenated flame retardants.


Deactivation of residual acidic substances from the polymerization process used to produce polyolefins.


Protection of functional additives, such as phenolic and phosphite antioxidants and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) from deactivation


Removes free halogen ions from the decomposition of halogenated flame retardants

Explore DHT-4 Product Line

DHT-4A™ 1

The industry standard, used widely in all types of polymer formulations for primary or additional stabilization.


Chemycal production of the BOPP film. The warehouse for finished products.

Equivalent to DHT-4A™, but surface treated with RSPO certified vegetable based agent.


DHT-4 Applications

Improved thermal stability for more demanding applications.


Colorful carpet samples in the store

Highest thermal stability for high temperature applications, also the most potent acid scavenger.

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