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Hydrotalcite for PVC and CPVC

Revolutionizing Vinyl Chloride Compound Stabilization with Hydrotalcites: PVC and CPVC

Hydrotalcite Products: Enhancing PVC/CPVC Performance

Kisuma offers an extensive range of premium Hydrotalcite products for PVC and CPVC. Renowned for their pivotal role and performance as co-stabilizers, Hydrotalcites play a crucial role in capturing the chlorine released during the thermal degradation process, thus significantly enhancing heat stability. Their exceptional purity and anion exchange mechanism make them highly effective acid scavengers, solidifying their status as unparalleled PVC and CPVC stabilizers.

As a leading industry player, Kisuma proudly holds the distinction of being the largest manufacturer of Hydrotalcites on a global scale. With three state-of-the-art production facilities strategically situated across the globe, we ensure unmatched product quality and reliability. Embrace the excellence of Kisuma's Hydrotalcites products and elevate the performance and sustainability of your vinyl chloride applications.

Key Benefits

Significantly enhances heat stability

Unparalleled PVC and CPVC

Exceptional acid scavenging properties

ALCAMIZER™ and MagcelEr™

Non-Heavy Metal Heat Stabilization and Co-Stabilizers

ALCAMIZER™ and MAGCELER™ represent our line of hydrotalcite products, which are not only key components of heavy metal-free stabilizer systems but also function as co-stabilizers for halogenated polymers, especially in PVC and CPVC applications.

With decades of research of thermal stabilization, excellent dispersion and performance, ALCAMIZER™ is the market standard for vinyl chloride applications.

PVC & CPVC Applications

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