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Synthetic Magnesium Hydroxide

Elevating Performance & Safety, in Demanding HFFR Applications

Innovative Advancements in Kisuma's Magnesium Hydroxide Solutions for Enhanced Flame Retardancy

Specializing in innovative chemical solutions, Kisuma is a pioneering producer of Magnesium Hydroxide products. Within this specialized portfolio, our offerings stand out for their exceptional control of crystal formation and purity, providing not only the crucial feature of being halogen-free flame retardants but also a wealth of attributes that set them apart.

Moreover, engineered with a keen focus on particle shape and precise surface treatment, our synthetic magnesium hydroxide exhibits remarkable high dispersion properties. This unique characteristic plays a pivotal role in inhibiting any potential decrease in mechanical properties - a common challenge faced by many flame retardants. This advantage makes our products exceptionally well-suited for a wide spectrum of polymers, including olefin resins and vinyl chloride based products.

Key Benefits of Magnesium Hydroxide

Halogen free flame retardancy

Halogen-free flame retardancy

Magnesium Hydroxide Benefits

Optimal W&C mechanical properties

Benefits of Kisuma 5

Superior dispersion


The KISUMA™ 5 brand name represents environmentally safe synthetic magnesium hydroxide which is used as non-toxic flame retardants. Additionally, the magnesium dihydroxides (MDH) produced by our proprietary and unique technology are highly pure with immensely versatile range of grades. Its precise endothermal decomposition process in the presence of high heat and fire has a superior decrease in polymer pyrolysis as well as smoke suppression capabilities.

Magnesium Hydroxide Applications

Magnesium Hydroxide Applications
Magnesium Hydroxide Supplier Applicaiton
KISUMA 5B Applications

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