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Dive into the world of Kisuma within our informational brochures, where detailed insights await. Uncover in-depth information about our diverse range of products and services. From innovative solutions to expert guidance, explore a wealth of knowledge tailored to your needs. Embark on an enlightening journey of discovery – explore our and unlock the secrets to our exceptional offerings.

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Alcamizer™ Brochure

Heat Stabilizer for PVC

Discover a versatile stabilizing solution for PVC/CPVC applications with outstanding properties. Our product serves as a co-stabilizer or partial replacement for various systems, ensuring excellent thermal stability and vibrant color hold. It meets all safety standards, offers superior transparency, dispersion, and weatherability, making it ideal for different PVC/CPVC resin types, including suspension, emulsion, co-polymers, and mixed polymers.


Acid Scavenger for Polymers

Introducing a versatile solution for various applications, our product serves as an acid acceptor in halogenated rubbers (CR, CSM, FKM, NBR), ensuring high water and chemical resistance. It captures residual acids in grafted polymers, enhancing organoleptic properties, and mitigates corrosion issues. Additionally, it scavenges free halogen ions from flame retardants, deactivates acidic substances from polymerization, and protects functional additives like antioxidants and HALS. Experience superior performance with our advanced solution.

Kisuma™ 5

Magnesium Hydroxide

Explore our specialized portfolio, distinguished by superior control over crystal formation and purity. Our halogen-free flame retardants offer exceptional attributes, coupled with precise particle shape and surface treatment, ensuring high dispersion. This unique feature effectively preserves mechanical properties, addressing a common challenge faced by flame retardants. Ideal for various polymers, including olefin resins and vinyl chloride-based products, our offerings guarantee top-notch performance and reliability.

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