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Our Solutions – Setting the Standard in Magnesium Based Compounds

Pioneering Sustainability and Innovation

Our diverse product range caters to both upstream and downstream markets, encompassing applications such as heat co-stabilizers, non-halogenated flame retardants, heat conductors, acid neutralizers, and acceptors.

Committed to excellence, our products establish the industry’s highest standards for quality and safety. We boast comprehensive regulatory approvals, providing our esteemed global customers with access to cutting-edge technology and a competitive edge through superior performance.

Kisuma Solutions

Hydrotalcite Products for PVC & CPVC

Kisuma specializes in premium Hydrotalcite products designed for PVC and CPVC applications. Hydrotalcites, known for their co-stabilizing role, capture released chlorine during thermal degradation, significantly improving heat stability. Their purity and anion exchange mechanism make them excellent acid scavengers, making Kisuma a leading global manufacturer of these stabilizers. With state-of-the-art facilities worldwide, Kisuma offers high-quality and reliable products to enhance the performance and sustainability of vinyl chloride applications.

Hydrotalcite Products for Polyolefin

Kisuma is the world's largest producer of synthetic hydrotalcites, with global facilities and optimized production capacity. Their products serve as functional additives in various stages of the polyolefin value chain, including resin production, masterbatches, compounding, and conversion processes. These hydrotalcites are widely used in both rigid and flexible applications across diverse industries, from resin production to final components. Kisuma employs a tailored technical approach throughout polypropylene and polyethylene material production, effectively mitigating negative effects caused by processing stressors.

Synthetic Magnesium Hydroxide Products

Kisuma is a leading provider of innovative chemical solutions and specializes in premium Magnesium Hydroxide products. Their products excel in controlling crystal formation and purity, serving as halogen-free flame retardants. Engineered with precise particle shape and surface treatment, Kisuma's synthetic magnesium hydroxide offers high dispersion properties, preventing a common issue of decreased mechanical properties in flame retardants. This feature makes their products suitable for various polymers, including olefin resins and vinyl chloride-based materials.

Magnesium Oxide Products

Kisuma offers specialized Magnesium Oxide tailored for high-performance industrial applications. This premium magnesium oxide serves as a top-tier acid acceptor, characterized by high surface area, purity, and activity. It is renowned for its thermal conductivity and is used as a filler in various applications, including Electric Vehicle (EV) technologies. Kisuma's magnesium oxide is a key component in flour elastomer and polychloroprene compound formulations, enhancing structural integrity and performance. Additionally, it acts as a vulcanizing agent in rubber synthesis, producing superior synthetic rubber with enhanced strength and durability. Kisuma's Magnesium Oxide is a catalyst for innovation, elevating industrial processes across diverse applications.

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